Since 1983, Camillo’s Fine Jewelry has been making people’s dreams a reality with a world-class selection of unique and distinctive pieces from a wide selection of designers, high-end brands, and custom-designed jewelry. From the moment you walk in you’ll be treated to warm and attentive service that’ll make you feel right at home as we work with you to find the best piece for your needs and budget. And with our jewelry and watch repair services, all done in-house, you’ll find that we’re your one-stop shop for all your jewelry needs. Whether you’re browsing our robust selection of Rolex watches or looking for an engagement ring, we’ll make sure you find the piece that speaks to you.


Camillos Jewelry was founded. First location was at I-45. We had 1 jewelry case because we were traveling to potential customers. The nick-name “Dan Dan the jewelry man” was coined because he would go by the local car dealership weekly with great deals. We stayed at this location for 5 years.


At this point we were in the Crossroads shopping center, we had a 1200 sq ft building. We eventually expanded that store location to 2400 sq ft and then to 3600 sq ft. We stayed at this location for 18 years.


We moved behind the “Wata-Burger” on 105. We were here for a total of 9 years.


When we moved into our current location, we had to completely renovate the space. We took out the ceiling, it was previously a drop tile ceiling, and knocked out a few walls. We renovated the whole store with our own hands. Once we opened in the current location, our business tripled! Dan says that he loves what he does, and dreams up his best ideas while hes sleeping. We currently almost any collectible item. We would love to see you and discuss some collectibles you have.